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Temps de lecture 2 mn

Last Friday Enrico, Carlos and I tasted a coffee from the island of Hawaii, Kona.

It is a very famous product and very expensive. We often make a comparison with the Jamaica Blue Mountain, since they are 2 of the most expensive coffees on the planet (note to myself: do a tasting of this coffee of Jamaica). It is very important to specify that the price of these products does not necessarily define their quality, although they are very good. This remains a purely economic factor governed by the rules of supply and demand. For example, Kona coffee grows in volcanic soil, which limits its production and makes it harder to harvest.

As with most of our tastings, we usually try to use several brewing methods. This allows us to compare a larger number of coffee characteristics. For this exercise, we opted for 3 brewing systems, ie, the piston coffee maker, filter coffee machine and the espresso machine.

You will find here below the observation of our tasting.

The seed

These are beautiful and uniform large grains, which have been roasted medium brown. We also crunched these and unlike some grains they had a pleasant taste in the mouth that was close to the hazelnut. These have a nice fruity aroma.

Enrico’s note: A darker roasting of this product would bring out more features.


The filter coffee maker

The first brewing system we used is the filter brewer. The product is excellent. A tangy tip with a beautiful bitterness balanced.


Piston coffee maker

The use of this infusion system generally gives a better reading of the product, since it is very close to the principle of cupping. Infused coffee has an earthy aroma, quite distinct and very different from the infusion filter.

The palettes of taste greatly resemble those tasted during the filter brew. On the other hand, the product is very sweet, which is probably due to the lack of coffee that we put in the coffee maker. A dosage adjustment (more coffee) will raise more characteristics of the coffee.

The espresso machine

We are not used to infusing simple origins in our roasting house since the cooking and Italian espresso philosophy are based on recipe design but we try the experience. This first infusion allows us to see again a slightly fruity aroma. The espresso is rather tart and pronounced in the mouth. He remains present at the front of the palate with an earthy taste. It lacks body and its crema is not persistent, probably due to the lack of another coffee to enhance it.

With a hint of sugar, the coffee is slightly more fruity in the mouth.


An excellent coffee of origin, very good to drink in an infusion filter. Probably a great option for a wedding with other coffee origins to design an espresso recipe. It would be justice in a coffee recipe signed Café Barista … to follow!

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